T-shirts or can be more described as printed t-shirts or embroidered t-shirts. We work only distinguished quality t-shirts and well-known brands such as 'Fruit of the loom' or 'Gildan'. Producing printed t-shirts or embroidered t-shirts our attention to providing the best quality t-shirts to our customers.

Printed t-shirts or embroidered t-shirts are an excellent choice to advertise your business, promote your team. Printed or embroidered t-shirts are suitable as uniforms for your sports team or can be used as a great gift to give your loves or relatives.

We work the best and the most known t-shirt brands on the market such as 'Fruit of The Loom' and 'Gildan'. We will print or embroidered on one of these t-shirts depending on your choice.

We use screen printing method which is a standard method of t-shirt printing. This method is perfect for printing any logos, pictures, artworks and it is usable on all colour t-shirts.

Our minimum order for printed or embroidered t-shirts are 6 pieces. Please check the price list below the products because the price depends on the ordered quantity. The more t-shirts, the lower unit price.

Above is a listing of the categorized t-shirts that we offer:

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